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Telmar has been in Western & Eastern Europe for over 30 years and is pleased to welcome its first Russian Client.

RT Channel wants you to know, they are a 24/7 news channel broadcasting across 5 continents in more than 100 countries. Their coverage focuses on both international and Russian headlines, giving an innovative look at the stories that affect the lives of their viewers. RT has bureaus all over the globe- in New York and Washington, London and Paris, Delhi and Tshinval – allowing them to move beyond the bare facts and demonstrate how any story can be another story altogether. According to Nielsen Media Research in 2008 the monthly audience among those who have access or are aware of RT’s broadcast on Time Warner Cable in NYC exceeds that of BBC America by 11%. Their audience in six European countries, including Great Britain, Germany and France exceeds 7 million viewers according to Synovate Research in 2009. RT’s open, unencrypted signal can be received from over 17 satellites, allowing millions of viewers on all continents to tune in. RT is available in major cable networks in Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australia. Their channel offers high-quality broadcast on the Internet at www.rt.com. The best news reports, stories and programs can be found in special RT section on YouTube. RT will be working with Telmar’s London Office to address their marketing and advertising research questions. http://rt.com/


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  1. Brian Edwards says:

    Hi, I would like to make contact with the largest TV organisation network in Russia please. I worked in Russia at the end of the Soviet Union period, in the countryside at Gus Krustalny building an optical glass fibre plant. As a result of my working experiences in Russia I have written 3 books all are published on Amazon. One is an autobiography, one a spy story and the other a love story, all incorporating my experiences as an Englishman working in Russia and later in communist Romania. I consider that most Russians will be very interested in how I found things whilst there. Indeed I was often stopped and asked how I found life whilst there. I found most Russians to be a very romantic people, as indeed I am and as a result I always got on very well. I still communicate with my interpreter who lives in Gus and have very happy memories of my time there, especially Moscow where we spent most weekends. I consider that the 3 books would make a very good TV programme, or indeed film, especially as whilst there I visited to nearby towns. If this is not for yu then would you kindly pass onto the appropriate people. My sincere thanks.



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