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Corey Panno Appointed President of Telmar Group Inc

New York, NY (February 1, 2012)  Telmar, a global supplier of advertising media software and services today announced the appointment of Corey Panno to President of Telmar Group Inc. Formerly, President, Telmar North America, Panno will assume management responsibility for all worldwide business units and Development and IT corporate services. Stanley Federman, Chairman and CEO who previously held the President title as well, will continue to focus on new market expansion, global corporate strategies, and research and development activities.

Panno’s appointment parallels the expansion of MediaVision, Telmar’s philosophy and platform that ensures accountable advertising outcomes through integrated marketing and media planning processes.

Telmar’s alliance with Rex Briggs’ Marketing Evolution has helped advance MediaVision by dynamically incorporating key performance indicators into media planning. Panno will continue to take a lead role in this venture as a champion of both real time, and ROI-centric media planning.

“With marketers both having access to and grappling with large amounts of data, new media alternatives, a changing consumer purchasing dynamic and multiple technology platforms, the industry needs professionals with vision and the capacity to create meaningful solutions. Corey Panno is exactly that type of leader,” said Stanley Federman, Chairman and CEO, Telmar.

Panno added, “It is an exciting time for Telmar, and the industry. I’m looking forward to challenging ourselves and our clients worldwide to explore new models of media planning efficiency and efficacy.”

A media planning expert, prior to joining Telmar in 1989, Panno held media planning roles both on the agency and client sides at J. Walter Thompson and the Bristol-Myers Company, respectively. Panno joined Telmar as an Account Executive, and was quickly promoted through the positions of Manager of Client Services, Director of Product Quality and Production, and the corporate position of Global Director of IT and Product Design.

In his 20 + year tenure at Telmar, Panno has stewarded significant periods of growth, particularly in the design and development of Telmar’s unique software distribution system, eTelmar, and many of Telmar’s software and data management products and services. Mr. Panno has been President of Telmar’s US and Canadian Business Units and a member of the senior management team for Telmar Group Inc. since 2009.

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